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The Bookish Mindset is the new monthly book subscription service, ready to help you find your next read. 

Each month we curate a new box surrounding a topical theme. These consist of a book bought from an independent bookshop, two products from other small businesses and a tea (because who doesn't love a tea when sat reading?). The books in the boxes change between fiction and non-fiction each month to help you discover a huge variety of new reads and authors alike. 

Diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of what we do. We do our best to make sure both the authors of our chosen books, plus the small businesses we work with, are as diverse as possible. It's so important to us that marginalised voices are amplified. 

Boxes can be bought as part of a monthly subscription, a one off box with no strings attached or as a block. Monthly subscriptions are brilliant at keeping your reading interesting and diverse. Single boxes make the perfect test if you're not quite ready to commit and also make fabulous gifts! Our blocks come in options of six and three months, in which you can pay up front and receive a discount in the meantime.

The boxes and all their contents are announced on the first Thursday that falls within a full week of the month and the theme is revealed the week before. All reveals take place on Thursday's at 6pm, live on our Instagram. Keep an eye on our homepage for the dates for the next box.

Want to see some of our previous boxes? Click here. Want to have a little nosy around the shop? Click here to be taken through. 



Photo Credit: Liberty Photography

Hi friends, so great to see you here. My name is Nikki (pronouns are sh/her) and I am the owner of The Bookish Mindset. 


I've loved reading for as long as I can remember and would often have my head in a book as a young child. I would escape to far off lands and immerse myself between the covers. Up until last year my reading repertoire has been mostly fiction: fantasy and adventure as a child, romantic comedies as a teenager and young adult and now branching into the wonderful world of non fiction. 

While my favourite fiction books to eat through are still romantic comedies (because I'm a sucker for a happy ending and I'm also a hopeless romantic), I'm thoroughly enjoying expanding my reading breadth with non fiction. I change it up with each book from social injustices and issues, philosophy, psychology, coaching, memoirs and many more. The knock on effects are enabling me to find a wider range of fictional titles as well, making sure I'm reading from inclusive backgrounds of race, gender and sexuality.

So how did we get here? I set up my Instagram page The Bookish Mindset while working through a lot of books in the third lockdown of the global pandemic that hit us in 2020. It started as a place to connect with fellow bookworms and it's blossomed into a monthly book subscription box. I'm absolutely in love with the boxes and adore putting my heart and soul into curating them for you. 

Outside of reading I find my peace walking to the sea. Whether it's watching the sunrise, walks for hot chocolate with friends or cocktails in the sun, the seafront is definitely the place for me. Currently living in Southsea, Portsmouth, I love having the seafront right on my doorstep and feel so lucky to be living where I am. Southsea also has an incredible range of small businesses which I've thoroughly enjoyed finding through our daily walks. The community we have here is second to none and love finding and supporting them. Right now I love finding new coffee shops for a matcha or chai latte. 

Thanks for visiting my website, if there's ever anything I can ever help you with please pop it into the chat box and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 


Want to see some of our previous boxes? Click here. Want to have a little nosy around the shop? Click here to be taken through.