The Good Immigrant - (Edited by) Nikesh Shukla

Fiction/Non Fiction: Non-Fiction

Themes: Immigration, Racism

Pages: 254

One sentence summary: A heartfelt and powerful collection of BAME experiences in the UK.


"21 writers reflect on race in contemporary Britain". Shukla has brought together an incredible group of writers who provide an insight into their lives in Britain.

With topics ranging from seeing black actors on TV for the first time to incorrect memes and children writing stories, the content of these stories are as diverse as the writers and are thoroughly compelling.

Personal Thoughts:

There were so many stories I loved in this collection and I'm glad to say I've found new voices to listen to and follow. The different styles of each writer was beautifully sewn together.

Nish Kumar was already one of my favourite comedians so while there's definitely some bias there, I thought his piece on comedic intent was brilliant and so well explained. It's how I'll be combatting the "oh I was only joking" line's you get after you call someone out on a racist/sexist/homophobic/you name it joke in the future.

As a collection of stories, I loved how many writers were in this book and as a result, how digestible each chapter/story was. A lovely introduction to non-ficiton if you're looking for something not too overwhelming.

I'd recommend this book if you: want to understand the differences of immigration stories, want to learn about BAME experiences in Britain.

Would I read it again? Yes, there's some great analogies I'll definitely come back to.

Read this? Plan to read it? I'd love to know! Let me know in the comments below and let me know.

Available for purchase as part of our Home Is Home box here.

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